Video Testimonials

Blue Tie transitions off Oracle and onto PostgreSQL

Charles Rosenberg, System Architect at Blue Tie discusses transitioning from Oracle to PostgreSQL and the simplicity of working in PostgreSQL for a mobile workforce application.

Burris Logistics chooses Postgres Plus Adv. Server

Ed Krupka, CIO for Burris Logistics discusses why he chose Postgres Plus Advanced Server and the positive experiences he's had with the employees of EnterpriseDB and the support they offer to users.

Continuent seizes the future with PostgreSQL

Alex Alexander, Chief Data Architect for Continuent talks about why he believes PostgreSQL is the future of open source databases and his excitement about the release of PostgreSQL V 9.0.

Enova Financial banks on PostgreSQL not MySQL

Jim Nasby, Lead DB Architect at Enova Financial, reviews moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL, the evaluation process Enova went through to pick PostgreSQL, and problems is solved.