coresystems delivers mobile solutions for ERP and CRM using EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus in the Cloud

coresystems ag is the world leader in standardized additional solutions for SAP and Microsoft ERP and CRM applications. For nearly 10 years, coresystems has set new standards through innovative cloud and mobile solutions creating real added value for over 5,000 customers. coresystems provides fairly priced, easy to use solutions using state of the art technology and known standards.

coresystems coresuite mobile makes master company data available on smart phones, tablets, and laptops enabling convenient access by mobile sales and service personnel without additional expensive ERP licenses. No additional infrastructure is required for synchronization via coresuite cloud and the solution can be provisioned quickly with simple monthly subscriptions.

The Challenge: Supporting mobile users with synchronized data in the Cloud

coresuite cloud operates as middleware in the Cloud to communicate between an organization's ERP or CRM system and their mobile users. Synchronization is performed between the ERP/CRM system and a database which supports mobile applications running on smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers. A reliable and performant database is critical to successful operations and providing the most accurate information to field personnel.

coresystems' operating system vendor originally recommended the use of Ingres but several issues and challenges necessitated a move to another database.

"Where Postgres is a big step ahead is in the area of development and administration tools", said Yves Senn, Chief Technology Officer for Cloud Development at coresystems. "StackBuilder simplified adding the modules we needed and the ease with which we could manage multiple servers and databases was a big plus."

coresystems elected to switch from Ingres to EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server and has never looked back. Installation was simple and they were up and running quickly without any complicated tuning required.

Successful Implementation

coresystems offering runs in the Cloud using Linux on Amazon Web Services and is a full Java EE application using JBoss and Hibernate.

The development and administration tools with Postgres Plus were superior to those with Ingres. The management of database servers and numerous databases within a single server is straightforward. The query analyzer was particularly useful offering features and capabilities that equal or exceed those from proprietary database vendors.

coresystems made use of EnterpriseDB's support services and was impressed with the timely and help responses received. EnterpriseDB's Architectural Health Check service was also employed ensuring their system was optimally configured and tuned.

Successful Deployment

Running on Amazon Web Services in two data centers, coresystems creates a new database for each customer to ensure their data is secure. Up to 700 databases may be running in one Amazon large instance. A database for managing users, subscriptions, and other metadata is also present.

As a Cloud based solution, quick and easy provisioning is imperative and Postgres Plus' simple installation and configuration coupled with easy to use tools from Amazon avoid extra implementation costs. Provisioning is fully automated with a simple sign-up form and download of the easy to install connector, all of which can be performed in less than 20 minutes.

Current expected load is up to 200K users, each performing several synchronizations each day. This volume will be easily handled with Postgres Plus.

Future plans include using Postgres Plus Database Replication to perform streaming replication between instances in different regions within a data center to provide increased up-time and reliability.

With EnterpriseDB Postgres Plus Advanced Server, coresystems is well positioned to meet its database needs now and in the future.