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By Ahsan Hadi, Nov 13, 2014
This blog was co-written by Ibrar Ahmed. Postgres provides a powerful feature called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDW), which enables DBAs to use the system as a single integration point to read, analyze and write to data from many remote data stores. Developers working in C can create new FDWs using the hooks exposed by ...
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By Robert Haas, Mar 31, 2014
Last week, I attended the Linux Storage, Filesystems, and Memory Management summit (LSF/MM) on Monday and Tuesday, and the Linux Collaboration Summit (aka Collab) ...
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By Fred Dalrymple, Feb 03, 2014
February marks an important development in EnterpriseDB’s expansion in India, where the use of open source software has been rising as technology buyers seek solutions with low upfront deployment costs. At a cost that is 80% or more less than traditional alternatives, Postgres represents significant savings. Our uptake ...
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By Dave Page, Jul 31, 2011
So having spent the last few months with my head buried deep in a project at work, I finally managed to get back to my previous hacking on SQL/MED at the ...
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By Robert Haas, Feb 01, 2011
Almost two months ago, I wrote part one of what I indicated would be an occasional series of blog posts comparing the architecture of
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