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By Gary Carter, Nov 23, 2015
Open source software has been saving organizations money for years in operating systems with Linux, in the middleware layer with tools like JBoss, and virtualization with Xen and other options. These IT organizations embarked on these journeys to open source alternatives to reconfigure IT spending and improve their agility to drive ...
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By Ed Boyajian, Oct 27, 2015
Database migrations from closed source to open source have become a particularly hot topic recently as I have been asked by customers, analysts, investors (and a few competitors!) what’s driving the accelerated changes in enterprise and government IT departments.  We have been both pursuing and pushing this change ...
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By Alan Santos, Sep 30, 2015
Database administrators are increasingly examining and adopting Postgres as a cost-effective alternative that maintains the performance, security and stability of traditional database vendors. A recent survey from EnterpriseDB revealed 37% of Postgres users have migrated existing applications from Oracle or Microsoft database systems ...
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By Pierre Fricke, Apr 29, 2015
Today’s executives must rise to the challenge of delivering stimulating and valuable customer engagement.  Customers, partners, and employees expect a level of service that was not possible in the early or pre-internet era of computing. Now with the rise of mobile devices and applications as well as the Internet of Things, ...
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