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By Vibhor Kumar, Dec 19, 2016
One of my colleagues who was recently working with a customer has presented a customer case. According to him, the customer has a partitioned table and EDB Postgres™ was ...
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By Gary Carter, Jan 15, 2016
With nearly 10 million downloads over the past five years, Postgres is the leading enterprise open source database. In a report
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By Phil Vacca, Nov 09, 2015
Headaches will come with just about any new project but taking a pause and considering the following steps before getting started with a new Postgres deployment should save you quite a few. Even seasoned DBAs can benefit from a refresh on some of these topics. So, in order to reduce risk, minimize potential post-deployment problems, ...
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By Dick Dowdell, Nov 04, 2015
Common practice in relational database design is to utilize a non-repeating, ordered series of integers for primary keys (PK) and by extension, foreign keys (FK).  This practice has worked so well and efficiently for database designers that all commercially viable RDBMSs provide some means of automatically generating ...
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By Vibhor Kumar, Oct 21, 2015
EnterpriseDB (EDB) customers who moved/migrated their database from Oracle to EDB’s Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) frequently ask for Global Temporary Table in PPAS. Currently, PPAS doesn’t support Global Temporary tables. However, there is a way users can achieve this functionality in ...
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By Bobby Bissett, Aug 26, 2015
EDB Failover Manager 2.0, released in June, included several changes from 1.X. The user's guide contains
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By Vibhor Kumar, Aug 13, 2015
Security has always been a great concern of Enterprises. Especially, if you have crucial information stored in the database, you would always prefer to have high security around it. Over the years, technologies have evolved and provided better solutions around it. If you have very sensitive information, people try to keep ...
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By Abbas Butt, Jun 26, 2015
Back in March, we wrote about the advances EnterpriseDB was working on to make Postgres Plus Advanced Server compatible with XA interface. If you recall, “the purpose of XA compatibility is to support ...
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By Gary Carter, Jun 08, 2015
Plenty of pixels have spotlighted the database solutions that have emerged to meet the demands of new and bigger data loads. But how this is affecting the database administrator, not so much. Database professionals are under the gun to manage more data, more databases and more database solutions than ever before. These are among the ...
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By Gary Carter, Mar 02, 2015
With the most recent release of Postgres Plus Advanced Server 9.4, EnterpriseDB (EDB) has also upgraded our database enterprise management console, Postgres Enterprise Manager (PEM). The new PEM 5.0 delivers all the enterprise-class tools necessary for DBAs and Developers to easily administer, monitor and tune large Postgres ...
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By Ahsan Hadi, Feb 20, 2015
This blog was co-written by Ibrar Ahmed. Advances in Postgres in recent releases have opened up opportunities for expanding features that support data integration. The most compelling of these new features are called Foreign Data Wrappers (FDWs). FDWs essentially act as a pipeline for data to move to and from Postgres ...
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By Robert Haas, Feb 12, 2015
A very popular standalone NoSQL database solution came under criticism about their security posture this week. It’s not the kind of publicity a database company – or any company for that matter – relishes. Although the vulnerability seems to have been less a problem with the core database than with insecure default ...
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By Marc Linster, Jan 30, 2015
Two years ago, my colleague Bruce Momjian wrote that relational databases would adapt to emerging database demands and incorporate the capabilities that emerging standalone NoSQL solutions provided. He has been proven correct with the expanded capabilities in Postgres alone with recent releases ...
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By Doug Hunley, Jan 13, 2015
When a well-prepared DBA begins to consider their Postgres rollout, they should think about their database strategy sooner rather than later. Thinking about key database variables and questions in advance will give you the inside knowledge you need to make you the IT hero as you reveal a solid deployment plan that directly ...
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By Doug Hunley, Jan 09, 2015
Before you begin a Postgres deployment, it is crucial to think about your database strategy sooner rather than later. Neglecting to do so can result in misallocated resources, limited ability to change, or worse, critical data loss as a result of an outage or disaster. By taking the time to think about some key database ...
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