Database Comparison: Oracle and EDB Postgres

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Technical Comparison of EDB Postgres Enterprise and Oracle Enterprise

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If you've played with the idea of building a new database with EDB Postgres Enterprise but have avoided doing so because you are not sure if it has the features you need or are accustomed to using in Oracle, then wait no longer. This eBook compares in depth the capabilities in both Oracle Enterprise Edition and EDB Postgres Enterprise across key feature categories including: capacities, partitioning, data types, indexes, SQL capabilities and extensions, HA, performance, scalability, security, integration, application development, big data and management. 

Organizations are increasingly choosing EDB Postgres Enterprise as a standard Relational Database Management System for new and existing applications.  EDB Postgres Enterprise provides the performance, security, manageability features, and capabilities required to power enterprise workloads. This frees up expensive proprietary database dollars that can be redirected to new applications and digital transformation initiatives. 

This potential to free up dollars in core IT is especially true for organizations using Oracle because EDB Postgres Enterprise is also compatible with Oracle. EDB Postgres’ compatibility allows it:

  • To be used as a substitute for Oracle for new applications,
  • To migrate existing Oracle apps preserving investments in PL/SQL,
  • To complement and coexist with their existing Oracle infrastructure.


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