Business Comparison: Oracle® and EnterpriseDB

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A Business Practices Comparison of EDB and Oracle®

A Business Practices Comparison of EDB and Oracle

If you are like many of your peers, in addition to maintaining your IT infrastructure within budget, you are also trying to improve it by working on:

  • New applications
  • Modernized efforts to upgrade applications
  • DevOps implementations
  • Migrating off expensive traditional databases 
  • Implementing flexible Cloud-based environments
  • Providing low cost SaaS applications to consumers 
  • Establishing open source software standars

Maintaining and improving your IT infrastructure at the same time, is becoming more difficult under the pressures of fast paced technology advances and slow paced budget increases. Worse, some leading database vendors have strategies designed to lock you in to contracts that increase your cost annually, consuming more of your budget. Keeping your IT lights on leaves little money left for new investments into new kinds of integrated, smart, and mobile applications that positively transform customer experiences for your organization. 

Download the eBook and discover how you can pay for 80% of your current database usage with only 20% of its current cost, and free up money for new mobile, analytics, web, cloud, social, or Internet of Things (IoT) applications that contribute to customer-centric digital transformation initiatives.